Summer Love Shawl By Tami Z Creations

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Summer Love


"Summer Love" Shawl By Tazi Z Creations

One-of-a-Kind Hand Made Nuno Felt Shawls in California


About Tami Z Creations:
Who doesn't love to be complemented on their look? I do too. Wearable-Art is a great addition to any wardrobe to create the WOW effect. Thats how I was introduced to Nuno Felt and it was a love from first sight. Now my work is selling in galleries and museum gift shops across the country.My love to colors, nature and the romantic look shows through my work. I also am the founder of Healing shawls, which the shawls are adorned with semi-precious crystals. Since ancient times, crystals and semi-precious gems have been considered to possess spiritual healing powers. Hence, the Healing Shawls name. In my private life I am a wife, a mother of 3 amazing daughters, a cocker spaniel owner, a blogger. I love the oceans, spending time with friends and travel. I enjoy people to identify their image style and help them achieve it.

Production Methods:
I make one-of-a-kind hand-made wearable-art Nuno-Felt Shawls I start with four yards of silk, which I hand dye myself. Then come the design I lay the wool, wool silk mixture, silk fiber, beads, crystals etc. on the dyed silk. Now come the very physical work; with soapy water I get all the fiber wet and touching each other. it is important to make sure all fibers are wet and touching each others. I cover, the work then with a sheet of plastic and roll the work. the the work is being tied securely and then I roll the work 20 minutes on each side, there after comes the felting (which is almost aerobic workout). After the work shrunk to my satisfaction, I wash the soap out of the work and and I let it rest in a vinegar water solution to be sure all soap is out. The work is laid to dry, then ironed and ready to give someone the WOW efect.