Silk Modal Wrap By Annie Turbin~Hot Pink & Black Stripe

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Silk Modal Wrap By Annie Turbin

Color ~ Hot Pink & Black Stripe

Luxurious, Italian Silk and Modal scarf.  Imported from Italy, then each scarf is hand dyed.  Cool in the Summer, and an extra layer of warmth in the Winter.  Perfect with a tee, sweater, jacket, or switching it up over a gown for a black tie event.  This scarf is washable on the gentle cycle, or hand wash.






“My goal is to create exquisite pieces. Color strongly influences the way we all feel so when my customers feel beautiful

I’m deeply rewarded.” —Annie Turbin



I’ve always loved fashion, however that’s not where it all started. At a very young age I was heavily immersed in music. Piano, violin, viola, and singing. Singing was my first true love. That and kitties. My parents were and still are huge supporters of the arts. It wasn’t until I was living in California years later that I became obsessed with dyeing fabric. Born out the necessity for fabulous stage clothes, I started making my own dresses. I found a great book about textile art at the Beverly Hills library. Hand painted fabric, and silk screening is where it all began for me. I was completely in love with the printing process of silk screening. That was in 1995. I quickly began working in television and film. In 2003 I launched my clothing line Annie Turbin Designs, a line of silk separates. Over the years the line has grown considerably. I now manufacture an extensive line of tops, tunics, and scarves. I’m a stickler for fine fabrics, and the fabrics I use have to be strong enough to withstand all the dyeing and processes that I put upon them. When I’m shopping for myself, I always want the fanciest one, the most beautiful one, no matter what it is. I figure if I’m going to buy it, don’t buy the runner up. Buy the one you truly want. So my fabrics have to be luxurious and durable. I want to create garments that are equally fabulous and accessible. As much as I love dressing up, tee shirts have always been my favorite pieces of clothing. I love being able to wear one of my tees and scarves, and feeling dressed up, even tho I’m not. I love that it’s an instant ensemble look, and it’s just a tee shirt. Feeling put together while remaining totally relaxed. Being completely presentable without the stuffiness of formal dressing. A symbol of Americana now copied by the rest of the world. My tee shirts are a diary of my life. My go to garment. Fitted and sexy, or relaxed and loose. Tee shirts are the one thing that look good on everybody. And they’re understood, and completely accepted.