**MADE TO ORDER** Sorrelli Andalusia- Punctuated Glamour Bracelet~ BCL15BGAND

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Sorrelli Andalusia ~ Punctuated Glamour Bracelet

Back by popular demand, the Andalusia Collection has a rich and warm look, inspired by caramel and gold colored crystals and deep orange and ivory stones all incorporated into modern settings with bright gold finishes.

Description ~ Angled and rounded edges have never looked so great together! The design creates a juxtaposition that is seamless and captivating.

Color ~ Andalusia

Finish ~ Bright Gold

Dimensions ~ 7-1/4"L X 1/4"W


Style ~ Classic


Sorrelli uses genuine semi-precious stones and high quality Austrian crystals which are set into the jewelry to enhance the beauty of the designs. Only the finest quality materials are used and all Sorrelli designs are rendered by artisans who understand the high standard of creativity that each piece reflects.

All Sorrelli pieces come in a Sorrelli pouch with a Certificate of Authenticity.

Items that are out of stock may take 3 to 4 weeks to deliver