Cocoa Tangle Bamboo Dress by Moontide Dyers

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Bamboo Dress by Moontide Dyers

65% Rayon From Bamboo/27% Cotton/8% Spandex

Color~Cocoa Tangle

Elbow Length Sleeve

Machine Wash cold/separately




About Moontide Dyers



Maura and Abbie Portrait

Abbie and Maura met in art school in 2002 in New Bedford, MA and they got bored.  They decided to make some t-shirts. They couldn't find any stock tees so they used one of their favorites from their closet, making it a little longer in the sleeve and length and a little tighter in the torso.  They dyed and resisted it using some bold graphic circles and Moon Tide was born.  This is where they began and over a decade later, continue in this spirit to create. 


Their business and decision making process is built on a personal passion and creative investigation of pattern, movement and color.  By simply loving what they do and being actively part of the making process, they have built a strong and lasting foundation with a loyal following. 

The design boutique studio



Our dye studio is located in New Bedford, MA .  Here we clamp, dye, and process, all our garments.  We use MX cold water dyes and employ a low emersion dye bath.  We do small batch dyeing and a collection of 8-10 shirts can take up to 7 days from start to finish.  

Color is important and we are careful to be consistent with every dye bath. We use 2 methods of creating pattern and color on our shirts.  We either start with a white sewn garment, clamp it and pour dye over the shirt.  Or we start with a black sewn garment, clamp it and remove dye from areas with a stripping agent, then we overdue it creating depth and movement. 




Proudly Made in the USA